March 08, 2011

I Love Success Stories

So, as you're all probably aware, today is Mardi Gras! Yay! But did you know that today is also International Women's Day and March is Women's History Month? It also just so happens to be my birthday so I hope you will forgive me for keeping this post short and sweet. And in honor of today being International Women's Day, today's success story is dedicated to that fire-y redhead whom we all know and certainly love -- Lucille Ball!

Known especially for playing the titular role in the comedic television series, I Love Lucy, Ms Ball has been a huge success. During her career, she has earned 13 Emmy nominations, 4 wins, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kennedy Center Honors but do you know about how much she initially struggled to get to that point? Our dear lovable Lucy was a B movie star before she became famous and before that she was told by her drama instructors that acting was not the job for her. It's a good thing she didn't take those criticisms to heart because I think she actually did pretty well in the world of acting and comedy, don't you?

Katie Hazard | Digital Artist, User Experience Designer | @katie_hazard
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