February 02, 2011

What's Your Ambition Level?

This chart is from, and used with permission of, author and management expert Robert Keidel. He uses a lot of sports and geometry and analogies for management and development. Take a look at this chart and honestly evaluate what aspirations level matches
1)Your current attitude at work or school
2)The overall attitude and approach at work or school
3)Your current approach in life
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Now that you've seen where you are, think about where you want to be. Are you settling for reaching the playoffs when you want to win the championship? Is your work or school environment out of line with your personal approach and goals? More importantly, how did you get here and what can you do to change it? 

Singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles has a great lyric in her song "Uncharted" that goes "Compare where you are to where you wanna be and you'll get nowhere." If you want to become a dynasty, you can't just think about how badly you want it or how nice it will be when you get there. You have to take action and figure out a way to make it happen. You don't have to take the conventional path. In fact, when you begin the path may not exist or be very clear at all. You just need take a step in the right direction and figure out how how to connect the dots along the way. 

If you like books that make you think, geometry, books about management or you just enjoyed the chart above, you should check out Keidel's lastest book. The Amazon link is below. 

The Geometry of Strategy: Concepts for Strategic Management

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