February 16, 2011

What Not To Do: Don't Think You're Above Doing Anything

Having previously had about six years of internship experience, I definitely can empathize with just how challenging the process can be. However, few things drive me more crazy than interns that think they're above doing certain things. While this industry has a lot of perks, you also have to put up with a lot to work here - including schlepping boxes and cleaning out closets. It's a very quid pro quo industry - especially when you're first starting out. If the VP of a company asks you to run an errand, don't act like you're too good to run their errand. #1, it's your job. But #2, shouldn't you be willing to go the extra mile for this job you theoretically want SO BADLY? Usually, they won't be asking you to do something just for the sake of torturing you (though there are the exceptions ... rent The Devil Wears Prada ... it's not that far fetched). Generally, it's a task that has to get done, and someone has to do it. Being the newbie, that someone is you. When you are no longer a newbie, there will be a new newbie and it will be their job.

Regardless, succeeding in life generally takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Don't take your internship for granted - do what it takes to impress the people that gave you the opportunity to break into one of the most competitive industries! Beyond that, as the industry is changing, there are more opportunities than ever to be entrepreneurial and make a difference - but that takes hard work! If you can't even bring yourself to get someone's coffee, how are you going to do what it takes to build your own truly exceptional business?

I think you get the point, but I recently read an article by our friends at Hypebot that elaborates on these points, as well as a few others. Check out this article. Titled "Foolish & Crazy – Getting a Job in the Music Industry," Kyle Bylin talks about what it takes to break into the industry and how to get started on your *hopefully* long career in the music business. Enjoy!

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