February 15, 2011

Twitter me this! -- What message are you sending in your status updates?

One reason why social sites like facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc are so popular these days it that they allow people to share their thoughts and feelings of the moment anyone and everyone. They are great tools but don't let the instant posting feature get you into trouble. Here are some things you should always keep in mind before you hit that 'share' button.

  1. Who cares? Why are you posting this and who would be interested in reading it? It's important to always have your audience in mind to ensure you're saying something other people will appreciate or you might as well be writing in your diary. Before you post, consider WHY you are posting it and what you would think of someone else with a similar post. If you're having difficulty keeping twitter followers, keeping this in mind could help you recapture their interest or prevent you from losing more.
  2. Who's listening? Always keep in mind who can read what you're writing. You may feel safe with your exclusive friends lists and your lock tight privacy settings but when we're talking about the internet, your potential listeners includes everyone: friends, family, coworkers, potential employers. So I would advise against writing about that night when you got passed-out drunk or trash-talking someone you don't think can see your posts. Your post could always get back to the person through word of mouth or they could find it through a privacy setting loop-hole. Plus, when you complain all the time, you could come across to others as a whiner. It's hard, I know, but try to keep the posts positive!

Katie Hazard | Digital Artist, User Experience Designer
khazard@internlikearockstar.com | @katie_hazard
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