February 22, 2011

Success Stories: Obstacles in your way? Get creative!

In honor of it being Black History Month, I have decided to focus today's Success Story on an African American whose story I find to be particularly inspiring -- Samuel B. Fuller.

Sometimes it seems like the world is against you and even when you do everything right, you're still wrong. Well, hey, at least you're not living in the early 1900s when prejudice was rampant and the country was headed straight into its worst depression to date.

This was the time that that Mr. SB Fuller lived in.
Fuller was born in Louisiana into a family that was so poor that he had to drop out of school with no more than a 6th grade education. With so much focus on higher education these days, it may be difficult to imagine anyone in Fuller's position getting much success, but at age 9, young Fuller began to sell products door-to-door. Years of experience made Fuller into a knowledgeable young entrepreneur and that combined with his determination to be a self-made success led him to invest in some cosmetic products to sell door-to-door. His little company eventually expanded and became so successful that Fuller became one of the wealthiest black men in the US, with his company making about $18 million in sales (ok, so that may not sound like a lot by today's standards but consider 70 years ago when inflation wasn't so high).

Sadly, his success would not last, but when focusing on his accomplishments, it's pretty impressive, no? A dedicated advocate of hard work and being the driver of your own future, S.B. Fuller had many admirable qualities that I think everyone should strive for. It's true that sometimes life deals you a hand that is less than desirable but if you decide to take the reigns and be the master of your own destiny then you could accomplish great things too!

Katie Hazard | Digital Artist, User Experience Designer
khazard@internlikearockstar.com | @katie_hazard
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