January 20, 2011

Success Stories - The Man with the Golden Voice

We all have our days when everything goes wrong, nothing we do works out the way we planned, and we wonder if we've just been wasting our time chasing an unachievable dream. Sound familiar? That's why I've decided to start a new series of posts focusing on successful people and the moments when they too felt like they'd hit rock bottom. Like Chicken Soup for the Intern's Soul, my goal here is to lift your spirits back up and restore your hope.

Today's inspirational figure-- Ted Williams.
You may have heard this rags to riches story in the news recently. Ted Williams was a man aspiring to be heard on the radio when he fell into some hard times, turned to drugs and alcohol, and ended up a homeless man.
Eventually, he decided to turn his life around by cleaning up his act and advertising himself on the streets as the "Man with the Golden Voice". One day, a passing news reporter asked Williams to make good to his claim. The reporter was so impressed with the striking announcer voice coming from this scruffy looking man that he posted it on YouTube where a LOT of people and potential employers saw it. Since then, Williams has been a guest on quite a few radio and television shows, has landed a full-time voice-over position, and (in case this story wasn't heart-warming enough) he's also been reunited with the mother for the first time in decades.

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