January 21, 2011

Don't Worry About The Ducks

The other day, I saw a great show by Tony Award winning actress Sarah Jones with a special appearance by Seth Godin. Sarah Jones does a great show as several different characters and this performance featured a dialog between Seth and a couple of those characters. At one point, he handed her a rubber duck. It served as a symbol of how most people wait to "get all your ducks in row" before they actually take the first steps towards their goal. Seth made the great point though that we don't have to wait to do that. 
In reality, you will never have everything you need in order to get that internship, start your new project, find a new job, release a record, or live the life you want. Stop thinking about the if only or waiting for "the right time" because it may never come and in the mean time you're just wasting the time you do have. Stop letting fear or the search for that last thing you need hold you back when you could be making real progress. Eventually, the ducks will take care of themselves.

Then again, you may be better off with a few independent-minded ducks.

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