What to Wear for an Interview (Part 2)

In What to Wear for an Interview (Part 1), I strongly suggested sticking to a classic, professional look for the interview even if the employees typically wear jeans and a t-shirt. But, ok, what if you want to show a bit more personality with your attire and wear something to stand out from the other employee potentials? I’d advise you to let your personality shine through the interview itself instead of through your clothes, however, here are some tips for things to watch out for lest you become like Belly-Shirt Girl, the young woman who has gone down in office infamy for her slightly exposed midriff.


  1. Inappropriate skin exposure – Belly-Shirt Girl did not get the job. You don’t want that to be you! In addition to the stomach, your should cover the chest, arms, legs (skirts should be at or below the knee), and feet.
  2. Inappropriate clothing exposure – By this I mean underwear. Avoid letting your potential employer know the color of your bra or the pattern on your boxers.
  3. Ill-fitting clothes – Clothing should not be skin tight nor should it be on the verge of falling off.
  4. “Bling” – Keep the accessories to a minimum. The more items you have dangling off you, the less professional you look. Save the extra blitz for a night on the town.
  5. Casual clothes – No jeans and a t-shirt. No sneakers. It doesn’t matter if that’s what the company’s employees usually wear; for the interview, let’s take it up a couple knotches, shall we?
  6. Digital Devices – Unless you’re using it to showcase a portfolio, keep your digital devices (phones, iPods, tablets, etc) out of sight and on silent.

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