December 12, 2010

Recommended Reading:Guide to Music Publishing

New Songwriter's Guide to Music Publishing: Everything You Need to Know to Make the Best Publishing Deals for Your Songs

With fast paced changes of technology these days, nearly any book dealing with publishing could be out of date the minute it itself is published. So, while this book is a bit out of date, it isn't actually a big weakness. Instead, it makes it the perfect place to start when it comes to understanding the publishing industry, whether you're a songwriter or not. 

Author Randy Poe does a great job of explaining complex legal terms and ideas in simple, easy to
understand terms. He covers the performing rights organizations, filing for copyrights, what to look for in a publishing deal, and what exactly copyrights are. This newer edition also includes advice for publishing music in the internet age (granted it was publishing in 2005 and a lot has changed then).

The music industry is centered around copyrights and intellectual property, so it is essential to have at least an elementary understanding of how these things work. This book is ultimately an easy read that will help you grasp a tough subject and that is a great combination. 
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