December 15, 2010


The music industry is a tough place to break into and, often times, a tough place to work. I imagine if you're reading this you've probably had at least one person tell you that you're crazy for thinking you'll "make it," I certainly have.

I hope you're too stubborn to listen to them and far too busy plotting your move to New York, London, or Nashville to care.

In this industry, you will probably get fired or laid off fairly often, you will have days on top of the world followed by days where nothing goes right, you will hate your job one minute and love it the next, and you will spend far too many hours each week in your office or studio while your friends are at home relaxing.

The key though, is to figure out now whether or not that all sounds worth it to you. Will working with music make you happy at the end of the day no matter what else happens? Is it worth getting yelled at in front of your favorite musicians if it means getting the chance to be a small part of their record releases? Do you care about your passion or the potential for fame and fortune? Because to "make it" in this industry, you will need to figure out what exactly you are fighting for, and then fight like hell and never give up.

Michael Laskow of Taxi summarized this well recently when Ariel Hyatt interviewed him on Music Think Tank: "you have to bust your ass for a lot of hours and never, ever, ever give just have to be willing to not walk off the field when everybody else would have and you’ll be the person who wins because you’re the last one on the field."

Read the whole Michael Laskow interview here
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