December 21, 2010

New Year's Countdown and New Blogger

You may have noticed so far that the blog has mostly focused on the positive sides of being an intern or new hire in the music world, as in what you should be doing. The trouble is, though, that even the best interns and young professionals can seriously screw up an otherwise great experience by making a few key mistakes. Sadly, the "best" of these mistakes tend to live on in offices for years, while the person involved goes down in infamy. Usually, these poor people become "the girl who..." or "... guy." Actually, I think that was already mentioned once in Katie H's post about interview attire, where she talked about how to avoid becoming "belly shirt girl." Moral of the story: if you want a successful career in the music industry you should also be paying attention to what you shouldn't be doing. We expect more of our readers and don't want you ending up branded as the intern or employee no one actually wants to work with, so we're introducing a new column focused on what to avoid in the workplace. It will be launched on Wednesday by our new blogger, Anna. A new year brings new opportunity to be your best self and make the impression that could set your career on the path to greatness. Be sure to check in through the next few weeks for the New Year's count down so that, in the new year you are the person to hire.

Anna holds a degree in Music Industry and has worked in the music business for several years with a specialty in Marketing. Her experiences as an intern included acting as the direct intern to the CEO of the distribution arm of major label. She has served on panels at music conferences and been interviewed for various music industry news pieces, including one in CMJ. She spent several years as a Product Manager at a nationally distributed indie label, and then was promoted to Label Manager. Currently, Anna works for a national music industry trade organization in the Marketing and Communications Department. You can contact her at

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