December 05, 2010

Becoming a Music Producer Part 1

If you're interested in pursuing a career as a producer you're sadly in for one of the toughest careers in music. But if you know where to start it can be a little bit easier.

Obviously, the first step is being sure you understand what a producer does and that you actually wish to be one. Production isn't about just getting the music recorded and sounding good, that's more along the lines of what an engineer does. Production is kind of like what a director of a movie does. A producer's job is to set a vision, a sound, and a goal for the record and a good producer tends to have his or her own distinct sound and style.

Beyond that, there are a few steps you can take to get going in the right direction and we'll be covering them over a series of posts (I'll be tackling the business side and Alden will cover the tech side). Today we'll be talking about one of the best ways to get your music heard: a producer manager.

So what the heck is that anyway? Well, I'm sure you've heard of an artist manager. Artist managers map the artist's career, guide decisions, act as a liaison, and do pretty much everything else that comes up in between. A producer manager does pretty much the same thing. He or she represents producers and helps run their career and get their music to labels and artists while handling all of the business elements. If you want to produce music for major artists on big labels, getting a manger is probably the best way to get your music to them. So, how do you impress a manager?

Well, I'll save that for the next post. But, in the mean time, check out this page on producer management from Nettwerk
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