November 12, 2010

Writing a Cover Letter

It can be far too easy to look up some example cover letters online and follow them when it comes time to write a cover letter. Most of these letters follow a common format and essentially require you to fill in the blanks. Sure, it can be a good place to start if you're having a bit of writer's block and have no idea where to begin. However, you should never really rely on them as a blueprint for your own cover letter.

Why not? Well, imagine for a moment that you are an employee of a record label, or any other music business, and are in charge of hiring interns. This means in addition to your usual work you now need to take time to look through applications, read resumes, and set up and conduct interviews. Music related internships are extremely competitive and each opening is usually met with far more applications than necessary to fill the position. So, there are a lot of applications to go through with very little time to do it.

In a sense, this means your cover letter is your pitch, and likely your one chance to tell the recruiter why he or should contact you, why you want to work there, and why he or should would want to work with you. It should be to the point, personal, and from the heart. So, as tempting it may be, don't play fill in the blanks with a form letter you find online or you'll only be cheating yourself.

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