November 04, 2010

What to Do With A Bad Internship: Part 2

This is part two of a series on how to handle a bad internship. Part one can be found here and deals with how to try and fix the problem. This post addresses what to do when you feel like you've tried everything.

Look on The Bright Side
Learn to be a little more optimistic. Yes, your situation may be terrible, but is it really unbearable? Have you learned anything? Made a new friend of contact? Does the company have a great reputation? It is fairly likely you've at least gained something good from this experience. However, there are certainly some truly terrible internships out there. Try to figure out whether yours is truly one of them or if you've just spent a little too much time focusing on the negative.

Evaluate Your Options
Should you quit? Before you do anything that drastic you should take the time to think about your options. If you do, can you find an internship somewhere else? Is this internship required for school? Will you destroy relationships and risk losing contacts that can hurt your career later on? How much time is left in your internship, can you tough it out? Don't just quit because you're frustrated, be sure to evaluate the long term effects

If You Must, Then Quit With Tact
If you decide your internship is truly awful, you have the worst boss in the world, you haven't learned a thing, you count down the minutes till you get to leave each day, and you simply cannot stand to spend another second on the job, then perhaps you really should think about quitting. However, don't just quit suddenly or cause a scene. Think of way to do so politely, thank them for the opportunity, and be sure to leave things on a good note. The music business is a small place and as much as you may love to, you're better off not causing a scene.
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