November 10, 2010

Thanks and New Bloggers

I want to take a moment to thank you all for reading, following, interacting, and providing feedback. The goal of this blog is to provide information to help you all realize your goals of working in music and it is great to actually be able to do that. The blog has had more views this month so far than it did total for any month in the past, and that's really exciting! You will, however, be seeing some changes around here in the near future, some have already happened, and they're all good changes.
Here's an overview of what to look for now or expect in the future

  • Alden is our awesome new blogger writing about issues related to careers in tech, sound, recording, etc. All those things I don't understand quite so well. Check out his two blogs so far, look out for more, and feel free to reach out to him at
  • Lauren is our other awesome new blogger. Her first post will be up momentarily. She's a law student studying to be an intellectual property lawyer and will be contributing blogs related to careers in the legal side of the music business. You can get in touch with her at 
  • I will soon be adding a page with bios and contact info for each of us for you to reference 
  • There may be some other bloggers joining in the near future, I'm working on that
As always, thanks for your support and be sure to get in touch or comment if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas! 

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