November 19, 2010

Music Experience Outside NY,LA, and Nashville

It's pretty likely that you know that some of the best places to be if you want to work in the music industry are New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles. So does this mean you're doomed to failure if you live somewhere else? Well, it's all about what you make of your situation and here's some tips to help you make the most of it and find great experience (almost) anywhere.

Two Things (Almost) Every Area Has
No matter where you live it is fairly likely that somewhere near you there is a venue and a radio station. So, if all else fails these are great places to look for internships and other opportunities. There may not be much of a music business near you but even the smallest radio stations and venues can help you gain an understanding of the industry. Working at a venue can give you exposure to new music and artists and an understanding of careers in concert promotion. Experience at a radio station can help you understand what goes into running one, how music is selected, and can teach you about radio promotion. Even if these aren't thing you want to pursue as a career it is a great way to get an initial understanding and experience to put on your resume.

The Power of Google
This may seem too obvious but usually, you can find at least a few internship listings by just searching for it online. Something like "Music intern Atlanta" will probably get you a list of at least a handful of internships in the area. To get started head over to Fancorps and check out the list of bands with street teams there.

Online Street Teams
This is something you can do from nearly anywhere and plenty of major artists have street teams. Street teams are essentially grassroots marketing teams that work with the band's label to accomplish set goals in exchange for earning merch and other prizes. You'll have the chance to learn about marketing and promotion, build a relationship with the people running the team, and getting experience for your resume.

Make Your Own Opportunity
No matter where you live it is fairly easy to create your own opportunities and ways of learning. Find a local band and ask if you can lend a hand. Join an online street team. Volunteer at a music related organization. Read industry blogs. Better yet, start your own. Join the Recording Academy (more to come on this next week actually). With a little creativity you can gain experience on your own.
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