November 16, 2010

Legal Interning Tip #1

Legal interning is generally not very different from any other kind of interning. Here's the first of many tips I will be posting that are especially helpful when you are working in a legal office:

Always have your legal pad.

When you first arrive at your desk, you should have some basic office supplies waiting for you (unless your new boss failed to alert the right people that you were coming!). These will likely include pens, post-its, and a legal pad. This legal pad is your new best friend. Whenever you walk into an attorney's office, you should ALWAYS have your legal pad and a pen. Assignments are often very detailed, and you may get more than one at a time. Taking good notes from the start ensures that you won't forget important details or be back later asking about something you were just told. If you miss a crucial detail or forget one of several assignments that you were given at once, you will have just wasted both your and your attorney's time. Attorneys don't like to have their time wasted, and the next time she needs someone for an assignment (or maybe even a full-time position), she will ask someone else.

- Lauren

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