November 06, 2010

The Future of Music

Someday, our generation will be running the musc business (that is our goal here, after all isn't it?). Right now, though, is the time to think about the legacy you wish to create and start building it. What do you intend to do when you finally get that dream job or the coveted corner office?

Will our generation's legacy be one of great music or mediocrity? Innovation or status quo? How will the generation sued by the RIAA handle running it? Are you here for the "sex, drugs, and rock n roll?" Or are you looking for something more?

You may not have the power to influence things now. But someday you will. You will have your own interns, assistants, and perhaps even your own company. The question is, what will you do when you get there and what can you do today to help make that happen?
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