November 15, 2010


There are plenty of reasons to avoid working in the music industry. I imagine, though, that if you're here reading this, you're just crazy enough to accept the challenge of overcoming them, because you know that for every reason someone could give you to stop trying, you have plenty of good reasons to keep fighting.

Perhaps you are too determined to let anyone stand in your way, or maybe you just can't see yourself doing anything else. Still, there may be something else keeping you from reaching your full potential, and that may be you and your own fear.

Fear is a powerful, often subconscious, emotion that may not always be logical. What's stopping you from finally taking that risk? Of applying to your dream internship? Of talking to that person at the networking event? Of moving to the city you've always wanted to work in? Of giving everything you do your full effort?

Maybe you're afraid of failure: how could you face that? Or maybe even of succeeding: what do you do when you've finally achieved your goal, can you actually handle it? Regardless, if you intend to actually  be a success, you need to figure out what is holding you back, and figure out how to overcome it.

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