September 21, 2010

Ego: Keeping it in Check

Ever met a person who was so cocky it seemed they thought they'd made your life better just for showing up? My guess is yes, haven't we all? I'd also be willing to bet you weren't exactly a fan of this person. So, it seems logical to suggest your interviewer won't like you if you assume you will be so good that the company would be stupid not to hire you or that you pretty much make the place better just by being there. I've heard some complaints from people about the egos of college grads over the past few years and clearly you don't want to be the subject of these complaints. Here's a few things to keep in mind to keep your ego in check.

1) There is always more to learn
Even if you've had great experiences at other internships or are working on a degree in music industry or production, there will always be something you still don't know. Especially today, with the constant updates in technology, even veteran music executives still have new things to learn. So don't think just because you know a thing or two you should automatically get the job.

2) Be confident not cocky
Of course, it is still important to believe in yourself and abilities and to show it. There can be fine line between outspoken and preachy and friendly and forceful and it is important that you find that line and tread carefully.

3) There are likely many other qualified candidates
The competition is always fierce in the entertainment industries, especially with the economy in such bad shape. There are likely many other qualified candidates, possibly some far more qualified. You shouldn't let this get you down either but you need to realize, at the same time, that they could easily chose someone else if you come across badly. Let your personality and abilities shine while staying humble.

"It's okay if other people think you're God, but you're in trouble if you start believing it."- unknown
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