August 17, 2010

Building Your Personal Brand

These days it is easier than ever to find out way too much information about just about anyone. I'm sure you're guilty yourself of googling some people or facebook stalking. You probably also know that employers do it too. This means that you both can and should use it to your advantage to portray a professional, well informed, experienced image. Here are some tips:

Get Rid of the Evidence
Most things you post online are permanent so you should be careful what you post in the first place. However, if there is anything lurking out there that can and will be used against you but is deletable, you should delete it. This could include photos of you drinking or anything else you wouldn't want your boss to see.

Make Use of Privacy Settings
This is pretty self explanatory, but if there are profiles you don't want potential employers seeing you should block them. However, you cannot count on this alone, they may be able to find you anyway through a common friend, network, or even just a change in security settings.

Professionalize Your Profiles
This goes hand in hand with the first two points, but here you should take it a step further. Use professional language, share interesting articles and news stories, include info about your job history, etc.

Be Consistent
Part of branding is actually keeping things consistent. There is a reason you recognize the difference between coke a pepsi: the distinct colors, logos, designs, etc. Pick some sort of element, such as a photo or use of a certain color, and keep it consistent through your professional profiles
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