August 02, 2010

3 Unexpected Ways to Find a Music Industry Job

Surely this sounds odd and there is no magical add-on that will find internships as you listen to music. Though that would be wonderful! But, this is a good place to start when you are feeling stuck. Take a look through your most played list on iTunes and make a list of the artists that show up. Then do some research online to find out who is responsible for their career. This can include record labels, management, booking agents, etc. Then you can do some research to find out how to contact these people.

There are a lot of internships and jobs posted and retweeted on Twitter. It is actually an incredibly easy way to find internship postings from countless companies all over the world. So, use the search tool on twitter to find out who is looking to hire.

This requires some research first to get phone numbers to call, but if you have good conversation skills then cold calls can be a decent way to get in touch with a company you are looking to work for. Most companies are almost constantly looking for new interns for the next term and some companies do not directly post job listings online. Be polite and do not be harass them or continue to call back. Simply ask if they are hiring or looking for interns, find out how to apply, and thank them.

Any other suggestions you'd like to share?
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