July 19, 2010

Trying to Win a Game Show

Ever been on an interview feeling like you were actually on Jeopardy? You're not being yourself, you're trying to win the prize and it's more like you're asking a question in response than giving a real answer just hoping you'll guess correctly.

Interviewer: What are your biggest strengths?
You: What is making coffee?...

Well here's a little secret for your next interview: it isn't a game show, or an audition, so stop trying to please and just be you. No need regress to the high school version of you, wanting to fit in with the cool kids (after all you're the one interviewing to work in the music business, who's the cool one now?).

I've been guilty of this myself a few times too, but the interview isn't just about hoping you'll get the spot, it is also your chance to be sure you'll be happy working with and learning from this company. Your interviewer is likely to become your boss, so let your personality shine and make sure you're comfortable with this person and be sure to ask some questions to find out what you'll be doing.
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