July 19, 2010

Talking Points Part 2: ISPs

As I said in the first edition of this feature, part of getting into the music industry involves staying up to date with recent issues and news. Politicians use a few key "talking points" to cover the issues when speaking to the public so I'm giving you the to-the-point, easy to follow version, handy for cocktail party and networking talk, an intro, or a basic understanding.

ISPs- or internet service providers- have been a hot topic in the music industry recently with various sectors seeking to propose and pass some new laws and others not so happy about it.

Here's the bullet point version of what you need to know.
-Some countries in Europe limit internet access for people who download music illegally, the most talked about being the "three strikes rule" as in three strikes and you're out.

-Nay-sayers point out that this may be unconstitutional

-Some members of the music industry have been lobbying and talking to ISPs to get similar policies put into practice here too

-Supporters cite countries like South Korea, France, and Sweden that allegedly saw significant increases in music sales after adopting these rules

-One big proponent of these new ISP restrictions is Jim Urie, CEO of UMG's distribution. He has spoken publicly about the issue and sent out an email about it.

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