June 27, 2010

Where To Begin?

So you really want to work in the music industry? Maybe you dream of glamorous award shows and partying with rockstars or perhaps you're convinced you can provide something better than what's already out there. Whatever the reason may be you know you're destined for music but you don't exactly have your eyes set on the stage yourself. You'd rather be the one behind the scenes controlling the soundboard, playing songs on the radio, managing the artist, or promoting the record.

Over the years it has become incredibly easy for a band to be heard by someone. Sure it still takes some luck and a lot of work but it is relatively simple for someone to record, create a myspace, and get their songs on iTunes. But where does that leave you? The business side hasn't gotten any easier to break into, in fact with industry lay offs nearly every day it's probably a lot harder.

It seems it's time someone do something about that. Sure, I can't actually get you a job, but I can give you the information you need to make connections, write a strong resume, build experience, and figure out how to impress once you find an internship.

So, where should you begin? Learn as much about the music industry as you can. Check out the articles on Billboard, pick up some books, search for advice online. You should try to begin getting an idea of how the industry works to figure out if it really is a place you can see yourself and what you might want to do if so.
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