June 30, 2010

The Not-So Helpful Career Office

I went to a college with a degree in music industry. But the general career office was...well...less than helpful sometimes. My advisor was great, a sweet person, helped me find housing in other cities, and helped with various problems and frustrations along the way. But the thing is applying for internships in the music industry (or any creative one really) is a little different than your average internship and the competition is high. There are some things, when it comes to applying for jobs and internships, that it takes an experienced industry person to understand. Word has it that most career offices are lacking in music industry expertise as a result. So, here's some tips on how to deal when your career office is driving you crazy.

Take Charge
Be proactive and seek out opportunities on your own, don't just rely on them to find one for you

Get a Mentor
Find someone who knows something about working in the music industry and get their advice instead when it comes to internships and expectations. If all else fails feel free to email me, I'm glad to help!

Make Use When You Can
There are some things your career advisor should definitely have some expertise in, like resume formatting, housing, etc. Don't be afraid to ask for you help when you think they'll be useful.

Be Yourself
Don't be too informal, but you can give your emails, cover letters, resumes, etc. some personality. This business is about creativity after all, embrace it and don't try to conform to normal "business behavior" just because your career advisor says you must...unless he's an industry vet that knows what he's talking about.
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