June 28, 2010

Beyond the Coffee Run

So you got an internship and you were initially excited. But that soon faded after you spent your first few weeks just sitting around, picking up lunches, getting coffee, and filing things. Well, you shouldn't let that discourage you. Every single thing you do on your internship is an opportunity to learn something or to make a good impression. But I'll save that for another post. The period after the first few weeks of an internship can make the difference between a great or lackluster experience. So, how do you move beyond the menial tasks and start getting some jobs that are resume worthy?

Get Off Facebook
Yes I know you're bored sometimes but sitting on Facebook just looks like you're wasting the company's time...and you probably are. This goes for Twitter, Google+, texting or anything else blatantly unproductive.

Ask for It
Need something else to do? Why not try asking. You don't really have anything to lose as long as you're polite about it and your boss will likely appreciate the initiative.

Do the Dirty Work
Taking out the trash and picking up coffee can sort of serve as a stepping stone to the bigger stuff. If you can use it to prove you're reliable and can do a great job without complaining, you're far more likely to get a real task next time one comes up

Think of Something
If you're waiting around for something to do try coming up with a new promotional or other idea on your own and presenting it to your boss.

So next time you're feeling frustrated give these tips a try. It is all about building some trust and making a good impression. You can't just expect great tasks just for showing up.
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