March 23, 2016

Happy Democracy Day: Register to vote!

Young people, women, and people of color have had to fight for right to have a voice in our government. You get to choose who represents you in Washington D.C. and shape the future of this country -- and you are the future of this country. 

Today is National Democracy Day. Celebrate by getting registered to vote so you can vote in the upcoming national elections. Get started right here, thanks to our partners at Rock the Vote. Just fill out the form, print the copy of the form Rock the Vote sends you, and follow the directions for your state (some states require you to mail the application in and some will let you register online.)

March 22, 2016

Internships at Spin Doctors Music Group in Nashville

Interns wanted for growing Music Business artist services company in Nashville. 
The ideal candidate will:

  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Be passionate and excited about the music industry
  • Have excellent communications skills 
  • Have the ability to function productively in a fast paced creative environment
  • Computer skills: mac os and windows, graphic design, audio editing software, etc.

We have a virtual label, with several developing artists, a management company, marketing and social media, radio promotion company, and other artist services. Our goal is to hire future employees and promote from within. This is an excellent chance to get in on the ground floor of a growing Nashville music business company.

March 14, 2016

How to find the right keywords for your resume and cover letter

Most jobs and internships require you to submit your resume and cover letter to an online application system. When you do, your information could be joining hundreds of other applications in a digital database that's, frankly, overwhelming for the hiring manager. As a result, your resume may never ever be viewed unless the system tells the hiring manager that your materials are a good match. The trick is figuring out how to get your materials tagged as a good match so you can get your application in front of decision maker in the first place and to do that you need to know the right keywords. Luckily, there's a secret and clever way you can get ahead of the competition.

What's a keyword?
Think of a job application system as a giant search engine that will match the words in your application with the terms used in the job description to provide the hiring manager with the best matches. Many systems evaluate the content of an application and give candidates a score to tell hiring managers how much of a match an applicant meets what they are looking for. The problem is that this means small differences in terminology and buzzwords may mean your qualified applications gets overlooked entirely. If the company calls it "digital marketing" and you say "online marketing" you risk not being flagged as a match. So, in order to get a higher match and have a better chance of having your resume seen by a human, you need to be sure that your application uses the correct keywords.

Finding the right keywords 
The easiest way to find the right keywords is by reading the job description. But, when you read the job description, you're still thinking like a human and these application management systems are computers. It can be hard to tell which words are the most important and which exact terms need to be included. That's why I recommend a trick: use a word cloud generator. Word cloud generators analyze the words you input and create a visual representation of the most commonly-used words within a document. There are a number of free word cloud tools online, all you have to do is google and then copy and paste the job description into a word cloud generator.

For example, I took this old internship posting off of this site and put it into a word cloud generator. Here is the result:

February 24, 2016

Ask a Producer / GRAMMY Member

Have you ever wanted to know how GRAMMY winners are chosen? How you can vote for them too? Want to know what makes a good record? Voting member of The Recording Academy, Alex J. Michaels, has offered to answer questions for our readers. So submit your question today to learn more about the music industry.

Alex J. Michaels is currently a music producer and music consultant primarily for independent artists and songwriters. He got his start in music as a child and studied piano, violin, saxophone and drums. In his teen years he performed in local and regional theatre productions and was a member of an acting troupe that toured throughout Europe. His first big break came while working on a USO tour headlined by Latin percussionist Sheila E. and Polynesian pop group The Jets. He worked on several other projects for Jacks Mannequin, Hawthorne Heights and Vans Warped Tour with Katy Perry and Paramore. He became a member of NARAS in 2004 and has been a voting member since 2008. He studied at Berklee College of Music and has a degree in music production and management.
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