Groove Control Productions and Marketing & Promotions Internships in Philadelphia

What should musicians post on Snapchat?

What should musicians post on Snapchat?

Career Mistakes You Might Be Making: Incomplete Emails

Internships at Spin Doctors Music Group in Nashville

21 things only music business majors will understand

1) Going to a music festival isn’t just fun for you, it’s a religious experience. Saddeer, via dancinginthedaycingintheday 2) You hear a new song and you must find out everything about who wrote, played, or produced it. 3) You can name the record label ...

Questions to ask at an internship interview

Anytime you have an interview you should come prepared with questions to ask. Not only is it expected, but asking smart questions gives you a chance to demonstrate your skills and enthusiasm and learn more about the job. By bpsusf [CC-BY-2.0 ) What are ...

Where to start when you have no experience in the music industry

So you want a job or internship in the music industry but you have no experience and everything you want to require seems to require more experience than seems possible. Like that entry level job as an assistant that wants 3-5 years of experience. ...

One rule for making the most of an internship

Festival Internship with The Elvis Festival

The producers a series of music festivals and concerts celebrating the life and legacy of Elvis Presley are looking for a festival intern. Requirements: This is an unpaid internship but expenses will be covered. Intern must be able to travel and be away for ...