October 16, 2014

Internship Opportunities in Video, Marketing, Audio, or Non-profit with Roulette in New York

Here are several great opportunities at a cool performance space in Brooklyn for anyone interested in audio engineering, non-profit work, marketing and communication, or video. If you're not familiar with Roulette check out some of their fantastic press such as this piece in NY Mag and this one in the New York Times

Roulette offers hands-on internships for college students and recent graduates throughout the year. This unique opportunity provides working knowledge of a non-profit music venue with access to some of the world’s most exciting contemporary composers and musicians. 

Roulette operates with a small staff and our interns will interact with all departments on a regular basis. Responsibilities will range from event production to press and public relations to administrative tasks. Intern candidates must possess a strong command of the English language, excellent communication and writing skills, as well the ability to work and function in a dynamic and creative environment. 

Interns work a minimum of two days per week for a full trimester on a voluntary basis. In addition, interns may be asked to assist staff with evening and weekend programs, special events and other Roulette projects. The internship may be used to fulfill academic credits or requirements. Sorry, Roulette is unable to provide intern candidates with visas or stipends. 

Audio Engineering & Archiving 
An immersive introduction into all aspects of audio engineering and recording with hands-on experience with live sound performances. Interns will assist the Production Manager and crew with set-up and breakdown of equipment, organizing inventory, and editing audio files for archival purposes. 

For interns interested in the historical origins of Roulette Intermedium and experimental music, there are opportunities to work in audio archiving and database management. This position requires superior organizational skills and familiarity with computer-based audio programs. 

Marketing & Online Communication 
An internship with Roulette’s marketing department is an excellent opportunity to learn more about public and media relations, online communication, and graphic design. Interested applicants should have excellent writing and communication skills, as well as familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite and Web editing and design. 

Non-Profit Administration
Interns gain insight into the administration of a non-profit music venue, which includes event production, outreach and community partnerships, as well as educational initiatives for Roulette Kids. Applicants should be enthusiastic about interacting with the public and engaging Roulette’s diverse audience. This position may require working some weekends and occasional weekends, as needed. 

Video Production Roulette 
TV is an on-going innovative video series, which presents unique contemporary music in compelling and engaging performances given by the creators themselves. Interns selected to work with Roulette TV are involved in all aspects of the creative process of video production, from interviewing artists and composers to editing episodes. Candidates must have knowledge of video editing software. 

Applications are due for the following terms: 
Fall – (September-December) 
Applications due by August 1st 

Spring – (January-May) 
Applications due by December 1st 

Summer – (June-August) 
Applications due by May 1st 

In special cases, applications are also considered on a rolling basis. 

Apple here: http://roulette.org/about/internships/

If you have any questions – please call Roulette at (917) 267- 0363

October 04, 2014

Internship with Syndicated Radio Show Cafe Nashville

Cafe Nashville is an internationally syndicated, country music radio show broadcast from Music Row in Nashville, TN. 

We're looking for an intern with a passion and proficiency with computers and the internet, from blogs and social media to web and graphic design.

- Commit to 2-3 days a week
- Experience in web design (preferably through education)
- Can take ownership of a job/task and follow through to completion 
- Posesses copious amounts of patience 
- Lives in or near Nashville, TN
- Social media savvy

- Photoshop/graphic design experience

To Apply:
Brandon at brandon@cafenashville.com with your resume.

October 01, 2014

5 Reasons Email is Essential to Online Marketing

In the world of twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, it may seem like email is old news akin to saving your work to a floppy disk (and if you don't know what that is then that only further proves my point). That assumption though is, frankly, wrong and if you're not taking advantage of email for marketing, you should reconsider. Email is a powerful, cost effective tool that gives you the power to reach your fans directly and easily. 

Here's why you should be using email:

Do you recall when MySpace was the most popular social networking site? Countless brands and musicians dedicated all of their time to building a large following and some even chose to use MySpace as their actual website. So what happened when everyone left MySpace behind? Everyone lost the ability to contact the people they'd invested so much time in because they didn't own any of the data on MySpace. An email list is yours and you can control what you do with it without the risk of someone else taking away your access. Sure, people may unsubscribe or on a rare occasion change their email address, but you aren't very likely to lose your entire list just because an outside company controls your access to the information. 

Regardless of technology changes email still has the highest rate of success. How high? Well a study in the beginning of the year found it to be 40 times more effective for customer acquisition than both Facebook and Twitter combined(1). 

Even if you pay for an email management system, sending emails is still incredibly cheap. There is no better way to reach a large number of people for very low cost. If you follow the applicable laws of email marketing and have a list that's easy to manage without a customer management system, you might even be able to do it for free. 

Test of Time
As online trends change and move from Xanga to MySpace to Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, and maybe Ello, email has remained a constant. In fact, you need an email address to even sign up for most social networks and apps. That means if your fans are on social media it's almost certain they have an email address they check regularly too. So why fight for attention alongside pictures of people's kids when you can go right to the source? 

Regardless of country, region, internet provider, or familiarity with technology, nearly everyone has an email address. Your mom, aunt, little brother, probably even grandparents are all on email. That's simply not the case with social media which tends to be dominated by certain markets (for instance Pinterest is predominantly women). In fact, 91% of US consumers use email on a daily basis (1).

PS. Email is a great tool, however don't make the mistake of starting your list by assuming your friends and family want to be on it. Instead, make sure everyone on your list has agreed to be part of it and start by simply adding a sign up form to your website or taking a clip board to your gigs. 


July 31, 2014

Internship Opportunities with TheIndie.biz

TheIndie.biz is looking to fill 3 internship positions as follows: 

Are you a creative writer that loves music and technology? Do you want to shape the changing landscape of the music industry by providing thought provoking facts, and personal truths about new artists, new music, and digital media? We are looking for ambitious writers that are opinionated, and honest to join our team of bloggers. If you are looking to build your brand as a blogger and a writer then this is the team for you.

Radio Program Coordinator
So you have an ear for music, but have you really put it use? We are looking for talented music programmers to locate artists, and songs that should be programmed to our radio stations.
Ideal candidates will have an appreciation for all genres of music. If this is you, we want to hear from you.

Social Media Interns
Are you an influencer? Do you have loads of friends on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter? Do you want to learn how to create social messages that engage users, and get them to take action? We are looking for social media titans to become part of our Go Viral! team.

To apply email: