September 23, 2016

Groove Control Productions and Marketing & Promotions Internships in Philadelphia

We are looking for a self-motivated, energetic, outgoing, and creative individual interested in working in a creative environment and gaining real world experience in marketing and promoting a creative product.  The Marketing & Promotionsintern will be required to develop and execute strategic promotion plans for select single releases from Groove Control’s boutique record label as well as for the production as a whole.  In addition, the intern will help to maintain and market the production company’s song catalogue for potential licensing and artist placements.



• Collaborate with production company staff and affiliated artists to develop and execute social media campaigns aimed to push sales, exposure, and plays on streaming sites for releases as well as increase overall social media engagement and visits to artist and production company social media and website pages
• Generate dynamic social media content that is consistent with artist and/or production company branding, mission, and voice. 
• Conduct market research on appropriate promotion and cross-promotion outlets appropriate for the genre and pre-promotion data that is specific to each release
• Submit releases to music blogs, music websites, social networks and online music services.
• Promote new releases to college radio, internet radio, and music supervisors.
• Draft press releases, announcements, and professionalemail correspondence with music industry professionals
• Assist with other related tasks as needed


• Assist with identifying established and emerging artists that best fit specific records in the song catalogue
• Contact and follow up with artists for potential song placements
• Correspond with music supervisor contacts to promote music catalogue
• Research potential sync licensing placements (movies in pre-production, video games, ad agencies, etc.)
• Correspond with current roster of songwriters and composers regarding all paperwork associated with new compositions including signed split sheets, copyright assignments, etc.
• Research and follow up with new music supervisor, artist, and A&R contacts
• Update and maintain online music catalogue and assist with metadata/tagging
• Assist with other related tasks as needed


Philadelphia, PA 


• Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Must be knowledgeable of all current social media trends and sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube etc.
• Must be able to execute finalized promotional campaigns with minimum supervision.
• Must have a basic understanding of how to interact professionally with potential clients, partners, and collaborators and be open to constructive criticism.
• Must be able to follow directions.
• Must be able to work well on your own as well as with a group.
• Must enjoy interacting with people and networking to make new contacts.
• Familiarity or interest in working in a creative environment is desirable.
• Proficiency with WordPress and email marketing platforms a plus, but not required.
• Proficiency with basic graphic design and/or videography and video editing a plus, but not required.
• Must be available 20 hours / week (days are flexible). This internship is unpaid.

To Apply: 
Please send resume, and cover letter to,answering only three (3) of the following questions in your cover letter. 

1. Name the three social networks that you are the most active on.
2. Name three of your favorite places to discover new music. 
3. Name the last three music videos that you watched. 
4. Name the last three live music shows that you attended. 
5. Name the last three albums that you downloaded. 

About Groove Control Productions

Groove Control Productions, Inc. is a multi-faceted songwriting / production house and music publishing company with a versatile team of songwriters, composers, and musicians that cultivate its unique sound. Founder, Keath Lowry, is a Recording Academy voting member of the Producer & Engineer’s Wing and has served on the Recording Academy Board of Governors and Gospel Committee (Philadelphia Chapter).  His talents are featured as a songwriter, composer and producer whose songs have been featured in all media including radio, 5 films, and numerous television shows. Keath’s music has reached The Billboard Top 100 and Top 20 on the Billboard Dance charts, regularly appears in several television networks including BRAVO, VH1, and MTV, and his collaborative group LektroMelodica has achieved 17 Single Ladies episode placements in seasons 1 , 2 & 3 to date.

September 01, 2016

What should musicians post on Snapchat?

Snapchat has become a pretty big deal. In fact, it recently surpassed Instagram as the top online destination for teens. Which means that if you're a musician (or working for one), there's a good chance you should be on Snapchat.

Of course, it can be hard to figure out what to do with yet another social network. The good news though is that Snapchat is relatively easy because you can post content as you go about your normal day to give you fans a look behind the scenes. Plus, it's a medium particularly suited to musicians because you can easily post short videos.

So, here are some tips for getting started with simple, yet interesting content on Snapchat.

Live performance clips
Hopefully, this one is kind of a no-brainer. Have a friend or fan that you trust with your phone take a few Snapchat videos during a live show and add them to your story to give you fans a taste of your live performance. They'll feel like they're getting to see something exciting and you just might get a few more ticket sales out of it. 


Behind the scenes looks at your rehearsals are extra exciting for fans because it's not something they would get to see otherwise. 

Having fun

People use Snapchat to share what they're doing during their day. Doing the same as a musician is a great way to give fans a sense of your personality and share something more personal. Comedian Chelsea Handler is a pretty good example of this; she often uses Snapchat to post cute videos of her dogs.

Fun with lenses
If you're not familiar with Snapchat lenses, take a look at this Google search. A lens lets you swap faces with a friend, turn yourself into an animal, or any number of fun, crazy things. You can access the lenses by turning the camera to selfie mode (facing you) and then touching your face on the phone of your screen. 

Tour adventures

Tours are a fantastic place to use Snapchat because you can take advantage of location filters and share all of the places you're visting along the way. You can post cool scenery, pictures of interesting food you're trying, beautiful landscapes, or anything else that you find interesting while you're on the road. 

Behind the scenes
This was already covered a little bit with sharing rehearsals but there's a lot more you can do. If you're working on a new demo give your fans a short preview. If you're choosing your album cover show them a few of the options. Share the day-to-day experiences of being a musician that your fans wouldn't usually 

May 16, 2016

Who Owns Prince's Music?

This article was originally published on GenFKD

After Prince’s untimely passing, there’s been a remarkable bump in his music sales – 230,000 albums and one million singles were sold in one day – and frustration over the fact that his music can’t be found on music streaming services. It’s left a lot of people wondering who owns Prince’s music and what will happen to his catalog now.

While we can’t answer that question for sure, we can take a look at the behind-the-scenes of music rights to understand who might have the power to decide whether or not the public gets to hear Prince’s unreleased catalog.

Copyright 101
Before you can understand who owns, controls access to, and stands to profit from Prince’s music, you need to know a little bit about how copyrights work.

A copyright is a legal right to a creative work that gives the copyright owner the right to control how that work is used. In the United States, it gives the copyright holder the exclusive right — or ability to grant others the right — to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, display, and create derivate works based on that work. When we ask who “owns” the rights to music, we’re talking about the person or company that has these rights.

March 23, 2016

Happy Democracy Day: Register to vote!

Young people, women, and people of color have had to fight for right to have a voice in our government. You get to choose who represents you in Washington D.C. and shape the future of this country -- and you are the future of this country. 

Today is National Democracy Day. Celebrate by getting registered to vote so you can vote in the upcoming national elections. Get started right here, thanks to our partners at Rock the Vote. Just fill out the form, print the copy of the form Rock the Vote sends you, and follow the directions for your state (some states require you to mail the application in and some will let you register online.)

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